Top 10 Must-Visit Beautiful Destinations in Rajasthan

by InfoPediaHindi

Image Credit - Shutterstock

1. Jaipur

Known as the "Pink City", famous for its palaces and forts.

2. Udaipur  

"City of Lakes" known for its stunning lake palaces and romantic atmosphere.

3. Jaisalmer  

"Golden City" famous for its yellow sandstone architecture and Thar Desert location.

4. Jodhpur  

"Blue City" known for its blue-painted buildings and the imposing Mehrangarh Fort.

5. Pushkar  

Known for its annual Camel Fair and the holy Pushkar Lake.

6. Ranthambore Park 

Famous for its tiger safaris and wildlife conservation efforts.

7. Mount Abu 

Hill station and the only hill station in Rajasthan, with a peaceful and scenic atmosphere.

8. Bikaner  

"Camel City" known for its camel rides, sand dunes, and stunning palaces and forts.

9. Chittorgarh  

Famous for its grand Chittorgarh Fort and tales of Rajput bravery and sacrifice.

10. Kumbhalgarh  

Known for its towering Kumbhalgarh Fort and stunning views of the Aravalli Range.

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