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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Pdf & Summary | 132 Pages

This box contains a paperback edition of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, by Alvin Scwartz, the award-winning audio cassette featuring George S. Irving’s chilling reading of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and a tube of fake blood and a set of glow-in-the-dark fangs.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Summary

This spooky addition to Alvin Schwartz’s popular books on American folklore is filled with tales of eerie horror and dark revenge that will make you jump with fright. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark!

There is a story here for everyone—skeletons with torn and tangled flesh who roam the earth; a ghost who takes revenge on her murderer; and a haunted house where every night a bloody head falls down the chimney.

Stephen Gammell’s splendidly creepy drawings perfectly capture the mood of more than two dozen scary stories—and even scary songs—all just right for reading alone or for telling aloud in the dark.

Urged to celebrate her last Halloween before graduation together with her friends, Chuck and Auggie, the smart high school student and aspiring horror author, Stella, reluctantly decides to take part in yet another uninteresting night of mischief, in 1968 Mill Valley, Pennsylvania. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark!

However–as one thing leads to another, and in the face of a serious threat–the bullied team of outcasts, along with the mysterious drifter, Ramón, will seek refuge in the town’s allegedly haunted house: the infamous Bellows Mansion, home of the legendary, Sarah Bellows.

Against the backdrop of hair-raising stories about pale ghosts, secret rooms, and horrible entities hiding in the thick shadows, the unsuspecting explorers of the unknown meander through the ill-lit manor’s long corridors, only to unearth Sarah’s old leather-bound book of blood-curdling tales. Are the rumours real? Are there scary things that lurk in the dark?

In 1968, in Mill Valley, Pennsylvania, the outcast teenager Stella Nicholls is an aspirant writer that has only two friends, Auggie Hilderbrandt and Chuck Steinberg.

On the Halloween night, the trio of friends decide to play a prank on the bully Tommy Milner and flee to a drive-in theater where the stranger Ramón Morales hides and protects the teenagers.

They decide to spend the night visiting the haunted house of the Bellows family, where Stella finds the book of stories of the notorious Sarah Bellows. She brings the book home and soon she realizes that Sarah is writing one horror story per day with each one of them and she tries to find a means to stop Sarah.

scary stories to tell in the dark
scary stories to tell in the dark

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About the Author

Alvin Schwartz was an American author and journalist who wrote more than fifty books dedicated to and dealing with topics such as folklore and word play, many of which were intended for young readers.

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