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Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat Pdf & Summary

Revolution 2020: Love, Corruption, Ambition is a 2011 novel by Chetan Bhagat. Its story is concerned with a love triangle, corruption and a journey of self-discovery.

Revolution 2020 Summary

A little boy loses his mother at the age of four. His father is a chronic asthma patient, and an honest citizen, scarcely able to provide food and quality education to his only child. The father is bridled with a twisty land dispute with his own brother and is buried beneath a huge loan.

The only hope is that the little boy would become an engineer and earn lots of money. But, as destiny would have it, the boy fails to achieve a rank and loses his father as well and is now on the hit list of local goons. Revolution 2020!

Yes, the story does seem quite similar to a 70s Hindi Movie, featuring the angry young man, but, actually, I am talking about Chetan’s latest release ‘Revolution 2020’, that I finished reading yesterday.

In the recent past, I was quite impressed by Chetan’s ability to churn out interesting stories from humble everyday life and had become almost his fan after reading ‘Five Point Someone’ and ‘2 States’. Naturally, riding high on his confidence, I bought his latest release at Pre-Order stage itself on Flipkart and was delivered the book on friday. Revolution 2020!

revolution-2020-chetan-bhagat Damn excited to hold a crisp new novel in my hands, I eagerly settled down to pore through 296 pages of love, corruption and ambition.

As the title itself hinted at a possible love story intermingled with the greed of bribery laced community and personal vendetta, I was quite sure that it would be a satire on the corrupt ways of society and frivolity of man and expected it to be an interesting read.

The Prologue reconfirmed my initial hunches. Though, it was quite similar to the prologue of ‘Three Mistakes’, where a person shares his life story with Chetan Bhagat and the versatile author makes a novel out of it. But, in this book, Chetan seems to have undergone a slight transformation.

He is now projected as a New age Motivational Guru, speaking for the benefit of students of GangaTech College, and he ends up acting as a sound board for the 26 year old Director, Gopal Mishra, who is one of the youngest, richest and yet the unhappiest man in the holy city of Varanasi.

I must say, the Prologue was interesting and even better was the beginning of the story, with a ten year old Gopal, stealing tiffin from his classmate Aarti’s school bag. One thing leads to another and soon Gopal and Aarti become best friends, sharing their food and time. Just when I expected the story to follow a romantic lead, Chetan introduced a twist by meddling love with career. Revolution 2020!

Gopal is the only ray of hope in his sick father’s life, and is forced to go to Kota, so that he can get a seat in an engineering college and earn lots of money, take care of his family court case and arrange funds for the operation of his asthmatic father.

As expected, the frail shoulders of this love-lost young man snap under the heavy load, and he returns to Varanasi as a doomed man, only to find Aarti in the arms of his childhood friend, Raghav. Gopal’s father is not able to deal with his son’s failure and dies, leaving him with a heavy loan and no money.

revolution 2020
revolution 2020

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Chetan Bhagat is an Indian author, columnist and youtuber. He was included in Time magazine’s list of World’s 100 Most Influential People in 2010.

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