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Read Phrasal Verb | 10+ Useful Phrasal Verb with Read

In the traditional grammar of Modern English, a phrasal verb typically constitutes a single semantic unit composed of a verb followed by a particle, sometimes combined with a preposition.

Here are the list of read phrasal verb used in any conversation.

Read Phrasal Verb List

1. Read (something) back (to somebody) – To read some information back or again to the person who has just given it.

2. Read into – To believe that action, remark or situation has particular importance or meaning, often when this is not true.

3. Read Something off – To read something aloud from a list.

4. Read Over/ through – To read something quickly from the beginning to the end.

5. Read for something – To study for something.

6. Read up on/ about something – To spend time reading in order to find out information about something.

7. Read something out – To spend time reading in order to find out information about something.

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Read Phrasal Verb Examples

  • Mendoza read over the file on the murders.
  • In the code, this is read into the dest variable.
  • He wants to read for a law degree.
  • We must read up on geophysics first.
  • I read about the accident in the local paper.
  • He read through the pages slowly and carefully.
  • I’ve read up on the dangers of all these drugs.
  • The editor read over the manuscript.

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