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Invincible Thinking by Ryuho Okawa Pdf | 114 Pages

There Is No Such Thing As Defeat. Life can be compared to the construction of a tunnel; it seems we are often obstructed by solid rock. Invincible thinking works as the powerful drill to break through this rocks. When we practice this way of thinking, we will never feel defeat in our lives.

Invincible Thinking Summary

Invincible thinking is a philosophy containing the power to achieve true victory in life. The author has absolutely no intention of preaching some tawdry method of achieving success. In this book, he presents a philosophy that is relevant to everyone, regardless of sex, age or nationality.

No matter whether you are young or old, a man or woman, no matter what your nationality is, if you pick this book up and read it to its conclusion, author guarantees that you will clearly visualise a path to success opening up before you. Life can be compared to a tunnel that is being drilled through a mountain; you may come across obstacles created by water or hard rock.

Invincible Thinking bridges the ideas of self-reflection and progress. By reading and practising the philosophy in this book, and using it as your own power, you will be able to declare that there is no such thing as defeat – only success.

It is very important to be able to look at yourself in this way. There are numerous occasions in life when you are presented with an opportunity to grow, and those who emit true light have undoubtedly managed to overcome hardships in the past.

People who have triumphed over hardship and have been able to turn it into strength will shine from within, while those who have allowed themselves to be swept away by adversity will be forever in its shadow and give out darkness. No matter what the difficulty you face, it will not last for very long, so it is important to take advantage of the opportunity it presents, and learn all the lessons it offers.

invincible thinking
invincible thinking

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About the Author

Ryuho Okawa is the CEO and founder of the Happy Science religious organization and the Happiness Realization Party in Japan. He is also chairman of two companies affiliated with the organization, New Star Production and ARI Production. His organization has been widely criticised as a cult.

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