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35+ Idioms about Personality in English with Meaning

In this article, we will list down some of most common idioms about Personality in English with meaning.

Idioms about Personality

Sr. No.IdiomsMeaning
1Smart cookieSomebody who has got a strong personality or who is quite smart.
2LamebrainA foolish person, a slow thinker
3Full of yourselfsomeone who is too pleased with themselves
4Laid-backA relaxed person who doesn’t get stressed or upset easily
5Clock-watcherSomeone who has no interest in the current activity, and keeps watching the time
6DaydreamerSomeone who is having dreamlike thoughts when they should be focusing on the present
7Moaning MinnieA person who complains a lot about insignificant things.
8BossybootsSomeone who likes to dominate other people and often tells them what to do
9Have a screw looseSomeone who is slightly mad or eccentric
10CreepA nasty person, someone who is trying to impress higher authority
11SkiverSomeone who is absent from school or work without a good reason
12ScroogeA miserable person who hates spending money.
13Cool as a cucumberSomeone who doesn’t get upset, excited or anxious very easily.
14Slave driverSomeone who makes other people work really hard
15Golden boyA winning person that everyone is fond of.
16Larger than lifeSomeone who is more exciting or interesting than other people
17BusybodyA person who expresses great interest in other people’s private lives
18Big mouthSomeone who is not able to keep a secret
19Eager beaverSomeone who’s always willing to do something.
20WimpA weak person, someone who lacks confidence.
21Early birdA person who wakes up, arrives to work, etc. before the usual time
22Down-to-earthSomeone who is practical and close to reality, who accepts other people as equals
23Life and soul of the partySomeone who is energetic, and good fun during social occasions.
24DipstickA person who seems to be stupid
25NerdSomeone who is very interested in science or technology, particularly in computers
26Happy camperA person who is always happy and satisfied. We often use ‘happy camper’ in the negative.
27CheapskateA mean person who doesn’t like spending money
28A party animalSomeone who likes to attend parties often
29A people personAn outgoing person who gets along with people really well and is a good listener
30Pain in the neckAn irritating, annoying person
31Lone wolfSomeone who prefers his own company and does not like socialising.
32Cold fishSomeone who has very little emotions, who is regarded as hard-hearted and unfeeling
33Dark horseSomeone who has greater abilities than he shows or than other people are aware of
34Rough diamondSomeone who seems impolite or is not well-educated, but who has a kind heart and good character.
35Rolling stoneA person who moves from place to place, job to job, without staying anywhere long
36CrankA person whose behavior or way of life is regarded as strange.
37Wet blanketA person who ruins other people’s fun by staying pessimistic and complaining all the time.
38ChatterboxA person who talks a lot
Idioms about Personality

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Idioms about Personality Example

  • Tom is enthusiastic and positive and he is a people person.
  • He was always a cheapskate even though he was earning $200,000 a year.
  • He’s finally got that promotion. He is a real happy camper.
  • It was a great night, Jim was life and soul of the party.
  • My Sister is the early bird in our family, she gets up at 5 o’clock in the morning.
  • I always avoid confrontations, I am such a wimp.
  • My boss is such a slave driver, I had to work two weekends in a row.
  • My next-door neighbor is a real busybody.
  • Our managing editor was a laid-back person but he’s recently begun snapping at the employees.
  • Miller was always full of himself and liked to pick on his friends.
  • My brother was a rolling stone until he met his wife.

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