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25+ Idioms about Food in English with Meaning

In this article, we will list down some of most common idioms about Food in English with meaning.

Idioms about Food

Sr. No.IdiomsMeaning
1A piece of cakeSomething very easy to do
2A hard nut to crackDifficult to understand, often a person
3Butter someone upBe extra nice to someone
4Big cheeseVery important person (VIP)
5Bad eggA person who is often in trouble
6Bring home the baconEarn the income
7Carrot topA person with red or orange hair
8Bread and butterNecessities, the main thing
9Bun in the ovenBe pregnant
11Cool as a cucumberVery relaxed
12Cream of the cropThe best
13(Don’t) cry over spilled milkGet upset over something that has happened and cannot be changed
14Souped-upMade more powerful or stylish
15Sell like hot cakesBought by many people
16Take something with a pinch of saltDon’t consider something 100% accurate
17Use your noodleUse your brain
18Smart cookieA very intelligent person
19Egg someone onUrge someone to do something
20Apple of one’s eyeA person that is adored by someone
21Hot potatoControversial or difficult subject
22Go bananasBecome crazy
23Full of beansHave a lot of (silly) energy
24Have bigger fish to fryHave more important things to do
25Gravy trainExtremely good pay for minimal work
Idioms about Food

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Idioms about Food Example

  • You have lost the game but don’t cry over spilled milk.
  • The company spends billions on souped-up broadband services.
  • The students at this college are the cream of the crop.
  • I’m sure this book will sell like hotcakes.
  • If I had a million dollars, I could ride the gravy train.
  • Painting is his bread and butter.
  • The exam was a piece of cake.
  • Monroe herself, of course, was a smart cookie, but she knew enough to play dumb.
  • You are the apple of my eye.
  • The issue has become a political hot potato.
  • Stop trying to butter me up!
  • She gave a cheesy grin to the cameras.
  • I was furious, but Mike was as cool as a cucumber.
  • I know they say I am a celebrity, but I take it all with a pinch of salt.
  • Use your noodle to figure out the math problem.
  • One of the big cheeses from NASA gave a speech.
  • Another way to grow a carrot top is in a hanging basket.
  • Ram was full of beans after a long sleep.
  • He a bad egg. I don’t trust him.
  • Someone has brought home the bacon the family.

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