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I Too Had a Love Story is an English autobiographical novel written by Ravinder Singh. This was the debut novel of the author and was first published in 2008 by Srishti Publishers, in 2012 it was republished by Penguin India.

I Too Had a Love Story Summary

I Too Had a Love Story is an English autobiographical novel written by Ravinder Singh. It is the debut novel of the author. The book was first published in 2008 by Srishti Publishers and in 2012 republished by Penguin India.  

Ravinder Singh was born on 4th February 1982 in a Sikh family in Burla, Odisha. He is a software engineer and a bestselling Indian author today.

After having spent most of his life in Burla, Ravinder is currently based in New Delhi. He has also started a publishing venture called Black Ink, to publish debut authors. Beyond his love for words, Ravinder is a fitness freak. 

“After the unfortunate incident, I was looking for a reason to live. And I started to pen down the moments I had been through.” “I can’t deny that. I had to go back in time, close my eyes, relive the moments, tears rolled down and I wrote the words.” — Ravinder Singh on a launch event of I Too Had a Love Story. 

Have you ever acknowledged a story so simple yet the one that stood with you forever? The one that has its ups and downs but those complications are nothing because love exists till the very end?

Do you want to read something that holds the innocence of love? But yet powerfully depicts how even if simple, love will stay forever with you. Love will keep your hands till the very end if you selflessly love someone.

This is the story told from the perspective of Ravin, a software engineer. He ends up joining one of those matrimonial sites where he meets his soulmate Khushi. Khushi also happens to have the same profession and goals like that for Ravin. They both talk as strangers and later as the book continues, they fall in love, but? And the sentence after that but is something you will have to find out on your own. 

As it’s the real-life story of Ravinder Singh, most of the times you’ll find yourself all lost in it. You’ll know it is real yet you’ll wish it wasn’t.

The amazing thing about the story is that it’s not written in dramatic form. It is not the kind that will give you shocks after every page turn. Yet it is the kind that you will want to read till the very end.

Expect pure emotions, the awkwardness of two strangers falling in love. The youth of two love birds and the reality of life in the few hundred pages of I too had a love story.

The story begins with the friends-reunion. Ravin and his three male friends, namely Manpreet, Amardeep, Happy meet after a very long time. They all happen to be college days best friends & were now meeting in Kolkata for the first time after ending college.

As we read ahead, we watch Ravin remembering his time at college. How he met these friends as a stranger and now, how they all mean so much to him.

i too had a love story
i too had a love story

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About the Author

Ravinder Singh (born 4 February 1982) is an Indian software engineer and author of nine novels — I Too Had a Love Story, Can Love Happen Twice? Like it happened Yesterday, Love Stories That Touched My Heart, Tell Me A Story, Your Dreams are Mine Now, This Love That Feels Right, Will You Still Love Me? and The Belated Bachelor Party. He started his career as an IT professional in Infosys.

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