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Animals Start with P: 42+ Animal List, Definition & Example

Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms in the biological kingdom of Animalia. With few exceptions, animals consume organic material, breathe oxygen, can move, can reproduce sexually, and go through an onto genetic stage in which their body consists of a hollow sphere of cells, the blastula, during embryonic development. (Animals start with P)

Over 1.5 million living animal species have been described—of which around 1 million are insects—but we have estimated there are over 7 million animal species in total.

In this article, we will list down some animals start with P.

Animals Start with P

Sr. No.AnimalsDefinitions
1PaddlefishPaddlefish are a family of ray-finned fish belonging to order Acipenseriformes, and one of two living groups of the order alongside sturgeons.
2PademelonPademelons are small, furry, hopping mammals in the genus Thylogale, found in Australia and New Guinea.
3PangolinPangolins, sometimes known as scaly anteaters, are mammals of the order Pholidota.
4PantherPanthera is a genus within the family Felidae that was named and described by Lorenz Oken in 1816 who placed all the spotted cats in this group.
5ParrotParrots, also known as psittacines, are birds of the roughly 398 species in 92 genera comprising the order Psittaciformes, found mostly in tropical and subtropical regions.
6Patas MonkeyThe common patas monkey, also known as the wadi monkey or hussar monkey, is a ground-dwelling monkey distributed over semi-arid areas of West Africa, and into East Africa.
7PeacockThe Indian peafowl, also known as the common peafowl, and blue peafowl, is a peafowl species native to the Indian subcontinent.
8PekingeseThe Pekingese is a breed of toy dog, originating in China.
9PelicanPelicans are a genus of large water birds that make up the family Pelecanidae.
10PenguinPenguins are a group of aquatic flightless birds. They live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere.
11Pere David’s DeerThe Père David’s deer, also known as the milu or elaphure, is a species of deer native to the river valleys of China.
12Peregrine FalconThe peregrine falcon, also known as the peregrine, and historically as the duck hawk in North America, is a cosmopolitan bird of prey in the family Falconidae.
13PersianThe Persian cat, also known as the Persian longhair, is a long-haired breed of cat characterized by a round face and short muzzle.
14Petit Basset Griffon VendéenThe Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, or PBGV, is a breed of dog of the scent hound type, bred to trail hares in bramble-filled terrain of the Vendée district of France.
15PheasantThe pheasant-tailed jacana is a jacana in the monotypic genus Hydrophasianus.
16Pied TamarinThe pied tamarin is a Critically Endangered primate species found in a restricted area of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.
17PigThe pig, often called swine, hog, or domestic pig when distinguishing from other members of the genus Sus, is an omnivorous, domesticated, even-toed, hoofed mammal.
18PikaA pika is a small, mountain-dwelling mammal found in Asia and North America.
19Pike FishEsocidae is a family of fish in the order Esociformes, which contains pike, pickerel, and mudminnows.
20Pink Fairy ArmadilloThe pink fairy armadillo or pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo, first described by Richard Harlan in 1825.
21PiranhaA piranha or piraña, a member of family Serrasalmidae, or a member of the subfamily Serrasalminae within the tetra family, Characidae in order Characiformes.
22PlatypusThe platypus, sometimes referred to as the duck-billed platypus, is a semiaquatic, egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania.
23PointerThe Pointer, sometimes called the English Pointer, is a medium-sized breed of pointing dog developed in England.
24Poison Dart FrogPoison dart frog is the common name of a group of frogs in the family Dendrobatidae which are native to tropical Central and South America.
25Polar BearThe polar bear is a hypercarnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses.
26Pond SkaterThe Gerridae are a family of insects in the order Hemiptera, commonly known as water striders, water skeeters, water scooters, water bugs, pond skaters, water skippers, or water skimmers.
27PoodleThe Poodle, called the Pudel in German and the Caniche in French, is a breed of water dog.
28Pool FrogThe pool frog is a European frog in the family Ranidae.
29PorcupineThe Indian crested porcupine is a hystricomorph rodent species native to southern Asia and the Middle East.
30PorpoisePorpoises are a group of fully aquatic marine mammals, similar in appearance to a dolphin, all of which are classified under the family Phocoenidae, parvorder Odontoceti.
31PossumOpossums are members of the marsupial order Didelphimorphia endemic to the Americas.
32PrawnDendrobranchiata is a suborder of decapods, commonly known as prawns.
33Proboscis MonkeyThe proboscis monkey or long-nosed monkey is an arboreal Old World monkey with an unusually large nose, a reddish-brown skin color and a long tail.
34PufferfishTetraodontidae is a family of primarily marine and estuarine fish of the order Tetraodontiformes.
35PuffinPuffins are any of three species of small alcids in the bird genus Fratercula.
36PugThe Pug is a breed of dog originally from China, with physically distinctive features of a wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curled tail.
37PumaPuma is a genus in the family Felidae whose only extant species is the cougar, and may also include several poorly known Old World fossil representatives.
38Purple Emperor ButterflyApatura iris, the purple emperor, is a Palearctic butterfly of the family Nymphalidae.
39Puss MothCerura vinula, the puss moth, is a lepidopteran from the family Notodontidae.
40Pygmy HippopotamusThe pygmy hippopotamus or pygmy hippo is a small hippopotamid which is native to the forests and swamps of West Africa, primarily in Liberia, with small populations in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast.
41Pygmy MarmosetPygmy marmosets are two species of small New World monkeys in the genus Cebuella.
Animals Start with P

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