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A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas Pdf | 682 Pages

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees.

A Court of Wings and Ruin Summary

Feyre was married in secret to Rhysand and is now High Lady of the Night Court. She returns as a spy to the Spring Court with Tamlin, pretending that she had been brainwashed into staying with Rhysand in the Night Court for all those months. Secretly, Feyre is seething with anger and plots revenge.

Tamlin agreed that in exchange for Hybern’s help in getting Feyre back from Rhysand, he would open the Spring Court’s lands to Hybern’s invading forces. Jurian, the human commander who was resurrected by the magic Cauldron, along with two royals from Hybern, arrive in the Spring Court to inspect the magical wall separating the human and Fey lands. A Court of Wings and Ruin!

In Spring, Feyre is revered as the Cursebreaker, the one who ended Amarantha’s vicious rule over Prythian. Feyre sows distrust throughout Tamlin’s court and undermines the high priestess, Ianthe. A Court of Wings and Ruin!

Feyre argues with Tamlin, purposely inciting his temper, and when he causes the room to explode, Feyre doesn’t shield her body. Tamlin’s court sees Feyre’s cuts and bruises, caused by flying debris. They begin to hate Tamlin for his abuse. She also incites Tamlin’s jealously by confiding in Lucien, Tamlin’s best friend.

Feyre accompanies Jurian and the Hybern royals to the wall to check for holes in the magical barrier. The royals reveal that they are looking for places they can use the Cauldron to destroy the wall, allowing Hybern to capture human lands and enslave the people. With this information, Feyre is ready to leave Spring Court and return to the Night Court.

In the woods, she finds Ianthe sexually assaulting Lucien. Instead of leaving as she had planned, Feyre stops to help Lucien. Feyre breaks into Ianthe’s mind and compels the priestess to stop, but the Hybern royals find her and reveal that they have been poisoning
Feyre for weeks.

Feyre and Lucien fight and kill the royals, but her physical and magical strength is sapped from the poison. She agrees to take Lucien with her to the Night Court.

They travel through the Autumn and Winter lands, where Lucien’s brothers find and try to kill them, but Azriel and Cassian of the Night Court rescue them. Back in the Night Court, Feyre is reunited with Rhysand and overjoyed to see her friends have healed from the confrontation they had with the king of Hybern.

Her sisters, who were forced into the Cauldron and transformed into High Fae, are angry, depressed and cold to Feyre. A Court of Wings and Ruin!

Elain speaks strangely of things that haven’t happened yet, and Nesta possess an otherworldly presence that none can understand. The Cauldron has made Elain a seer, while Nesta went into the Cauldron and stole death from it.

Since Hybern intends to put the Cauldron in a weak spot in the wall to destroy it, Feyre asks Nesta to use her connection to the Cauldron to patch the holes in the wall. Nesta and Amren search for useful spells in a book of magic. A Court of Wings and Ruin!

Since Prythian’s armies are much smaller that Hybern’s, Feyre asks monsters for help. The Bone Carver is an ancient being of death that wandered into the world, along with his sister the Weaver. Feyre asks him to fight alongside them in the war, and he agrees, but only if she can fetch the magical Ouroboros Mirror for him.

The mirror forces a person to see your true self. Those who have tried to take it have been driven mad.

The Carver will need a Fae body to leave his prison. Another creature, Bryaxis, agrees to leave its prison in a pit to help fight the upcoming war. Elain sees a vision of a mortal queen who is cursed to turn into a firebird every night. Lucien volunteers to go find the queen and ask for her help in the upcoming war.

Rhysand calls a meeting of all the high lords, but before they convene, Hybern attacks the Summer Court. The Night Court goes to help and finds a slaughter in progress. A Court of Wings and Ruin!

Feyre and Morrigan fight through all the soldiers they encounter, while Rhysand tries to reach the king, who uses magic and illusion to evade capture. Hybern withdraws and the fighting ends, but the casualty count is high. Hybern’s forces are considerably larger than Prythian’s, and all the Fae courts must be united for them to stand a chance against so large an enemy.

The meeting of the high lords is held in the Dawn Court, a neutral territory. All the lords participate, including Beron from the Autumn Court and Tamlin. Both verbally attack Feyre and Rhysand, accusing them of working with Hybern. Tamlin is particularly bitter about Feyre’s betrayal. Her plotting left his court in shambles. A Court of Wings and Ruin!

As a result, the Spring Court has been taken over by Hybern, and its people were forced to flee to other courts. Nesta’s connection to the Cauldron makes her ill with a sense of foreboding, just before a huge wave of power sweeps across the land and the Cauldron brings down the wall. A Court of Wings and Ruin!

a court of wings and ruin
a court of wings and ruin

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About the Author

Sarah Janet Maas is an American fantasy author known for her fantasy series Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses. As of 2021, she has sold over twelve million copies of her books and her work has been translated into 37 languages. A Court of Wings and Ruin!

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